Saying goodbye

Bidding farewell to your pet is an emotional and profound event. When that time comes, Westerhout Pet Crematorium provides everything you need to mark this occasion.

We discuss your personal wishes concerning the cremation with you, and in this way you can say your goodbyes in peace in our attractive funeral room.

If you have chosen to have your pet cremated, you can opt for either an individual cremation or a collective cremation. In an individual cremation, your pet is cremated on its own. Afterwards you yourself can take possession of the ashes.

In a collective cremation, your pet is cremated with several other pets of the same type at the same time, and you cannot take possession of the ashes. After the cremation, we ensure the ashes are scattered over the sea.

Life is about embracing people and animals, and then letting them go again to allow them to grow and flourish, in our memories, for all time